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マーケティング局長 タムリン B. バクリ


The ministry of health of the Republic of Indonesia confirmed that a new human avian influenza case has been confirmed in Bali. This is the first case recorded in Bali. The case, a 29 year old woman, died on Sunday afternoon August 12 at Sanglah Hospital. She was from Tukad village in Jembrana district, 105 kilometres from Capital Denpasar, Bali Islnad (far away from main tourist destination in Bali: Kuta, Ubud and Nusa Dua).

The chief executive of the National committee for Avian Influenza Control and Penmdemic Influenza Preparedness (Indonesia National Bird Flu Coordinating Body) with local government official together with other UN Agencies i.e. WHO, FAO, and UNICEF are taking action to control the outbreak in birds and to prevent the virus from infecting people.

Authorities have undertaken a number of control activities to contain the virus, including the mass culliing of local birds, the use of disinfectant, and mounting a public information campaign. The ban on transporting poultry expires 17 September 2007.

The Jembrana District administration in West Bali has issued a regulation banning the transportation of all animals in and out of the area around where the suspect case was detected. The animal health officials have condusted a mass culling of chicken in the area where the case occurred.

Indonesia’s National Bird Flu Coordinating Body supported by UNICEGF and local student is conducting a public awareness campaign to raise in awareness campaign in communities in the surrounding area.

Student have gone door to door, telling people how to protect themselves and their family from contracting the vius. Videos about bird flu are also shown in local communities. And children are being taught about bird flu too: games are used to explain how bird flu is transmitted and how kids can stay safe.

Chairman of Bali Association of Travel Agents said that up to now, there is no cancelation on tourist arrival visitiing Bali, and the rate of occupation remains about 60-80%. Visitors should not be overly alarmed about this outbreak buy they should stay informed. Strict controls are being put in place in Bali.

Visitors are encouraged to visit the KOMNAS FBPI website at for the latest updates, or please call 62 21 522 3002 and 62 21 5296 0661 or send e-mail to:

Jakarta, 27 August 2007
Director Geneal of Marketing Thamrin B. Bachr

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